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Shchuchin, st. Oktyabrskaya, 13

Beluvelirtorg is a chain of jewelry stores in 32 cities of Belarus, which offers a wide range of jewelry made of gold and silver, jewelry made from natural stones, watches and souvenirs. By purchasing jewelry, you get a full guarantee of their quality. It is not for nothing that the motto of our company is "Time-tested values!" Come! Unforgettable products and great experiences await you!

Beluvelirtorg has been successfully present in the jewelry market since October 1948, it includes 65 jewelry stores located in 32 cities of the republic, which specialize in the retail trade of jewelry, watches and souvenirs.

Since 2012 OJSC "Belyuvelirtorg" is a retail chain of the state jewelry holding "CRYSTALL-HOLDING". The most widely represented are jewelry manufactured by OJSC Gomel PO Kristall, the managing company of the KRISTALL-HOLDING holding.

And in the shops "Belyuvelirtorg" and "Kristall" you will find almost the full range of the leading Belarusian manufacturer, and you can also use an additional service - exchange bored old jewelry for products of the jewelry factory "Kristall" at very attractive prices.

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