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Awgustow Canal

Awgustow Canal is the unique example of the hydrotechnical architecture of 19th century, impressing with its complex engineering solutions and scale. It is one of the largest canals in Europe, situated in Belarus and Poland. Total length is about 102kms, 22.5 of them lay in Belarus. The building of the canal was initiated by Francis-Xavier of Drutsky-Lubetsky, the project was approved by the emperor Alexander I himself. The tourists, who plan to visit Grodno region, try to catch up with local holidays. There is no doubt a lot of them would come on 26th August, when the folk-art open-air “Awgustow Canal within the culture of three nations” would be held, which became a holiday of friendship. Every year, on the Dombrovka gateway, it gathers comrades from Belarus, Poland and Lithuania.