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Cycling and kayaking event for support of sustainability UN ideas to be held at Awgustow Canal

The event to be held on 26th August within the "Awgustow Canal in the culture of the three nations" festival.
On 25th and 26th August, Grodno and Grodno region will host cycling and kayaking event, as well, as movie festival for the support of the sustainability UN ideas. The event is going to be held within the "Awgustow Canal in the culture of the three nations".
Staff members of the diplomatic establishments, local authorities, represents of partner companies, public persons will take part in the activities Everyone is welcome to join the event; partially disabled people will also be facilitized for comfortale participation.
Date and time:26th August, 13:30
Route: start (and finish) – Awgustow Canal, Dombrowka Watergate
Checkpoints on the route::
• 1. watergate near Sonichi
• 2. Radziwilki (Bartashevich's agro homestead)
• 3. Sopotskin
Lenghth - 17 kms.
Traditional festival "Awgustow Canal in the culture of the three nations" will be held on 26th August on the Awgustow Canal (Dombrowka Watergate). The first such event was organized 17 years ago. The main goals of the event are support and development of Belarusian, Polish and Lithuanian national cultures, sthrengthening and spreading of international cultural relations and development of tourism.
To participate in the bike ride, everyone is invited to fill out the registration form: https://goo.gl/FGVAwg.
For accreditation of journalists, please fill in the form by the link.
10 PLN
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снег с дождём
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)