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From December 21, 2020, new rules apply at the border

Crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus under the conditions of COVID-19

  • Leaving the country through land checkpoints is temporarily suspended for the citizens of Belarus and persons with a permit for permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus
  • Entry to Belarus through all land checkpoints is suspended for foreigners and stateless persons.
  • Russian citizens in transit to the Russian Federation are allowed to cross the border at any checkpoint. Medical documents and self-isolation are not required.
  • All persons entering Belarus through land and air checkpoints from the list of countries (which is available on gov.by) are required to self-isolate for 10 days.
  • Foreigners from the age of 6 who do not have a permanent or temporary residence permit in Belarus, when entering the country through land and air checkpoints, must have a medical document confirming the absence of COVID-19, made no later than 72 hours before crossing the border.
  • Transit for foreigners is possible only if they arrive through air checkpoints and if the transit is documented within a 24-hour period. Medical documents and self-isolation are not required from foreigners.
    • ! If the transit period exceeds 24 hours, they can only cross the border if they have a medical document.
  • Read more about restrictions and exceptions on gov.by
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