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Water route along the Neman river.

st. Shkolnaya 1a, Goluby


Route "At the confluence of two rivers: Neman and Shchara"

Mostу, village of Goluby, st. School, 1 a

Holy Trinity Shcharsky spring - Old tar - Museum dugout in Shimki village - Shestyly parking lot - Zhamoyda parking lot - Lysaya Gora - Dubrava tract OBSOKH.


Fast food cafe "Tmin"

50 Sovetskaya st., Mosty

A diner in the center of your city!


Fast food cafe "Mix"

Sovietskaj st., Mosty


Agriturismo "Belavichi park"

Belavichi village; Mostovsky district

Cottage with an area of ​​150 square meters. meters is located in a closed area of ​​21 hectares. It has 2 floors, 11 beds, 2 bathrooms, a lawn, parking, barbecue area. There is a sauna in the cottage (extra charge). Nearby are several picturesque lakes and a park area.


Agriturismo "Minevichi"

Mostovsky district, village Minevichi, 27

Our estate "Minevichi" was created for those who are tired of the noise and gassed air of the city and want to relax in a cozy corner of nature. On the estate it is very good to relax with family and friends.


Peasant farm "Mechta"

Mostovsky district, village Mikelevschina

The estate is located next to the highway R - 51 "Ostrino - Schuchin - Volkovysk", in a cozy romantic place surrounded by forests, on the banks of ponds. It offers vacationers renting guest houses, baths, fishing.


Farmstead «Yavar»

Mosty, Yanka Kupala Street, 62

The farmstead is suitable for up to 10 people, as well as for organizing conferences and celebrations.


Cultural Institution "Gudevich State Literary Museum of Local Lore"

Mostovsky district, village Gudevichi, st. Central, 7

The Gudevych State Literary Museum of Local Lore is the only museum in the Grodno region located in the countryside, with unique original exhibits that are of great value not only for this region, but also for the cultural heritage of the republic.

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