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Jewish places of Schuchin region. Past and present

Jewish places of Schuchin region. Past and present
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Route: Shchuchin - Kamenka -  Orlya - Zheludok -  Vasilishki -  Novyy Dvor - Ostrino

Route length: 127 km

Transit time: 5 hr

Description: You will see preserved houses, synagogue buildings, monuments at the jewish cemetery. Before the war, 70% of Shchuchin's population was jewish. City jews were engaged in trade and crafts. Currently, only a small part of the heritage associated with jewish life and traditions has survived: a former prayer house, city buildings, a monument at the site of the mass execution of jews, a cemetery.

In addition, the Shchuchin region was home to several famous representatives of the creative intelligentsia: Ben-Avigdor (writer, publisher), Pinkhus Kremen (artist), Rabbi Shmul Levin (founder of the Jewish People's Bank).

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