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Šeštadienis, 28 gegužės 2022 19:00

Shlyakhetsky fest «Zhamchuzhny Zorka-Palace-Palace Umyastoўskіkh»

Ivye district, ag. Zhemyslavl
Ivye district, ag. Zhemyslavl

The land of Węmysław is famous for its beauty and the famous noble family of the Umyastovskys, more 140 years ago created its palace and park residence (a prototype of a palace and park ensemble in Warsaw). To touch the history, to take part in the festive theatrical procession, participants of the gentry festival "Zhamchuzhnaya Zorka - Palaces of Umyastoskieh" are invited to walk along the old Zhemyslavlsky Park. In the program of the festival: literary and theatrical composition, concert programs of groups of amateur creativity, defile in hats master classes in dances, traditional kinds of crafts, exhibitions and sales of folk art and souvenirs. For children there will be attractions and playgrounds.

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  • EVENTDATEBEGIN: Šeštadienis, 28 gegužės 2022 19:00
  • EVENTDATEEND: Sekmadienis, 29 gegužės 2022 00:00

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