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The EuroVelo-2 cycle route will pass through the picturesque places of the Brest and Grodno regions

✅ In the Brest and Grodno regions, 350 km of the cycle route were laid, this segment became part of the large-scale European project EuroVelo-2. The EuroVelo-2 route was named the “Capital Route”, as it passes through six European capitals. It starts in the Irish city of Galway, then goes through the territory of Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus and ends in the Russian capital - Moscow.

✅ The total length of the route is 5.5 thousand km, of which about 600 km have been laid across Belarus. Earlier, a site from Lubcha to Minsk was developed, and the path on the territory of Brest and Grodno regions - from Kamyanets to Lubcha is now fully defined. The new segment passes through Belovezhskaya Pushcha and six districts: Kamenetsky, Pruzhansky, Ivatsevichy, Slonimsky, Baranovichsky and Novogrudsky. Moreover, the cycle route is laid on the most interesting places.

✅ So, tourists can get acquainted with the famous Kamenetz Vezha - a historical monument of the XIII century. In Pruzhany district, in addition to acquaintance with Pruzhany themselves, you can see a unique wooden belfry in the urban village of Shereshevo, in the agro-town of Lyskovo - a church of the 18th century, and in the urban village of Ruzhany - the palace and park complex Sapeg. In Ivatsevichi district, Kossa Castle is almost completely restored. You can look at the estate of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, located nearby. And the Slonim district can become the center of attraction for pilgrims - they are invited to drop in at the Holy Dormition Zhirovichi Monastery.

✅ There is something to see in Slonim itself: in one of the oldest cities in Belarus, Jewish buildings are well preserved. In the village Molchad Baranavichy district should call in to see the buildings of the XIX century - a tavern, a pharmacy, a bakery and a former synagogue. If you make a small detour, you can get to the village of Bolshaya Svorotva, where the only triangular church in Belarus is located. In the Novogrudsky district, the route includes the town of Shchorsy - there is the Khreptovich manor. 7 km away is the monastery Lavrishevskaya. The finished route ends in Lubce, where they restored the two towers of the castle of the XVI century.

✅ The advantage of moving along the finished cycle route is its convenience. For cyclists, the safest and most comfortable roads are chosen without too complicated sections. Signs and signs will be installed at each turn, orienting cyclists in the right direction. The signs show pictograms, so that they will be understandable to travelers who speak any language. On website you can already see the route map with landmarks and service objects marked on it.

✅ The EuroVelo-2 is developed by the Minsk Cycling Society in the framework of the project “Urban Cycling in Belarus”, which is supported by the European Union.

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