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For the first time an ultra-marathon will be held on the August Channel: everyone will be able to take part

The 50-kilometer run, which everyone can participate in, will be held on the August Channel for the first time. The first athletics competition "Augustow Canal - Trail-2019" will be held on June 22. The launch site will be the Dombrovka gateway. For those who like running, they have prepared several distances at once, so that everyone can choose their own route according to their strengths.

✅ Registration continues for races with a length of 8.8 km, 22 km. The longest will be the 50-kilometer mileage, the route of which is laid on the most picturesque places in the vicinity of the Augustow Canal. The route consists of both asphalt areas and dirt roads, there are forest paths along the route.

✅ Water and dried fruit will be prepared at the long distance feeding points for participants. After the finish of the race at 22 km and 50 km, a treat of buckwheat cereal is planned. All finishers will receive a unique medal. Prepare for participants and an entertainment program.

✅ The popularity of running in the region is growing. This is evidenced by the growing number of participants in various runs and competitions. Participation in the runs has become a popular form of tourism. Over 200 applications from runners from Russia and Belarus have already been submitted to the “August Channel - Trail-2019”. Winners will be determined in several age groups - from "under the age of 17" to "over 70".

✅ The run will be one of the stages of the Grodno Running League. It unites seven top starts of the season in the region, the participants of which for the year will be able to compete for victory in the overall standings. The league’s calendar, for example, includes the Grodno-Druskininkai International Friendship Marathon, the New Year Mini-Marathon, the Grodno Ten Night Run over cross-country terrain.
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