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Grodno met the 50,000th visitor-free tourist since the beginning of the year

In Grodno, today we met the 50,000th visitor-free tourist from the beginning of the year. The anniversary guest turned out to be Polka Mazhen Shostak. Mazhena, together with her work colleagues, came from near Warsaw, and she will be visiting Grodno for three days.

✔️ A tourist from Poland was met by the Vice-Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Viktor Liskovich. He handed her valuable gifts, including a tourist passport (a souvenir with a lot of interesting and important information about the region), as well as a ticket to one of the events of the II European Games.

✔️ For example, last year for the same period, about 27 thousand visa-free tourists visited the regional center. For the whole of 2018, we met about 92 thousand of such tourists. For Grodno, it’s quite possible to double this figure. Moreover, the city is actively developing tourism infrastructure, opening new hotels, catering facilities. However, it is important and qualitative change in service. Increasingly, we see the menu in foreign languages, ready to respond to tourists in different languages and various service workers.

✔️ The average length of stay of tourists also increases, approaching three days. Different types of tourism are in demand - from educational and nostalgic to recreational and industrial. Since January 1, 2018, according to Decree No. 462 “On the establishment of a visa-free procedure for the entry and exit of foreign citizens”, the area under Grodno accessible to visa-free tourists has been expanded to the entire Grodno region.

✔️ In addition to automobile checkpoints, rail and air transport became accessible to such guests. Now the region is taking the initiative to expand the visa-free zone. Ideally, the whole Grodno region. This will allow you to create a kind of tourist arc, including major checkpoints and significant tourist facilities.

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