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Silver stream

Silver stream
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Zelva district Kostevichi

It is located in the water protection zone. 30 meters from the stead a stream flows. The stead consists of a wooden detached house with stove heating, which has a bathroom with shower and hot water. There is also a wooden house with sauna and a rest room (a hall for banquets for up to 50 persons). There is a garden (60 fruit trees) and a bee yard with  25 bee families. Tourists can walk on the bee yard, observe the pumping out of honey, taste and purchase honey and bee products. The stead is located 2.5 km from Zelva reservoir. Hiking and cycling tourist routes to the natural monuments of the village of Aleksandrovschina — the exit of stained rocks, and the village of Leshno - the “Karevin meadow” bog are developed. The stead is open all year-round. Owner: Aleksander Rozhko.

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