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星期二, 02 1月 2024 13:00

Presentation in the estate of Grandfather Zimnik and Baby Zaviruh

d. Zaleiki
d. Zaleiki

During the period of Christmas and New Year holidays, the national theater of the game "Green Furgon" of the State Technical University "Ivye Center of Culture and Leisure" invites everyone to visit the manor of the jovial Santa Zimnik and the tireless Baba Zaviruha. Guests of the holiday will go on an exciting journey through a fairy-tale forest, where many interesting tests and adventures await them. Then all the participants of the holiday will be able to enjoy a vivid theatrical performance. Children and adults will have a great time in the fresh air and will keep warm memories of real Christmas miracles for a long time.

Additional Info

  • Event data start: 星期二, 02 1月 2024 13:00
  • Event data end: 星期二, 02 1月 2024 15:00

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