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  • Swimming pool

    ag. Vasilishki, Sovetskaya street, 35a

    The pool on the basis of Vasilishkovskaya secondary school opened on February 14, 2009. It is two-level, for visitors there are two bowls: a large one with an area of 8.5x25 meters and a depth of 1.8 meters, where the water temperature warms up to 28 degrees, and a small one with a size of 6x9 depth for kids, here the water warms up to 34 degrees.

  • State institution "Recreational complex" Prinemansky"

    Mosty, Zelenaya St., 86

    Recreational swimming for adults and children from 12 years old (large pool);

    Recreational swimming for children from 6 years old (small pool);

    Wellness Sauna

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  • Pool, Dyatlovo bath

    Dyatlovo, st. Chapaeva

    - a small pool of 54 sq.m .;
    - large swimming pool 25x9 (3 lanes)

  • Pool of the sanatorium "Radon"

    Grodno region, Dyatlovo district, Danilovichsky s / s, 10

    At your service is a modern swimming pool, a jacuzzi with hydro and air massage systems, a block of saunas: Finnish, salt, Turkish (hammam).

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  • The pool of the sanatorium "Alfa Radon"

    Grodno region, Dyatlovo district, village of Boroviki, 40 p

    Aquazona Medical & SPA Resort "Alfa Radon" offers everything you need for the health and relaxation of adults and children.

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    +375 (29) 366 88 11
    +375 (29) 366 88 11
  • State institution "Ostrovets sports complex"

    Grodno region, Ostrovets, st. Kvetkovaya 4
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  • Бассейн ОАО "Слонимский мясокомбинат"

    г.Слоним, ул. Чкалова, 35
    Предоставляемые услуги
    • Детский бассейн
    • Обучение плаванию детей
    • Обучение плаванию
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10 PLN
-2 — 1°C
Rain And Snow
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)