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The farmstead "MedPanacea"

The farmstead "MedPanacea"
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Dyatlovsky district, village Staroelnya, 22b

Home for healing and recovery
SERVICES "BEE SANATORIUM" rehabilitation on "bee beds".

Scientifically proven “hive therapy” sessions have a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. All this helps to normalize blood pressure and sleep, eliminate bronchitis and asthma, improve the functioning of the nervous and reproductive systems and improve overall well-being. Sleeping on bees sounds a little strange. But this is only at first glance! This unique treatment method is very effective! This method in ancient times cured various diseases.
A bee bed is a huge inhalation device where it breathes a clean, rich aroma of honey, propolis, wax, beehive and bee venom with antimicrobial air of the beehive. Effective in bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases. In addition, the active substances of the hive air act through the skin on the entire human body.
Bees in the hive strongly ionize the air. Air ions have a positive effect on human health: they relieve fatigue and stress, restore health, stimulate the activity of all vital systems of the body, normalize blood pressure and improve lung ventilation.

How is the treatment session:

A man is in a small wooden house, under which beehives with live bees are installed. A person lies on a hive, direct contact with bees is impossible, the bees work as usual. While in the house, a person inhales air flavored by many trace elements, and also receives heat and microvibrations from bee families. It is recommended to stay in the house for 2-3 hours and take 5-6 sessions. Everyone can determine the duration and quantity on their own or with the help of their attending physician.

This service is available from May 3 to August 20.

The effectiveness of the procedures depends on the activity of the bee family and the presence of a bribe in nature.


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