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Ancient settlement "Plate"

Ancient settlement "Plate"
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Dyatlovsky district, village of Sanniki

The settlement belongs to about the X-XI centuries of our era and refers to the period of the Slavic colonization of Pryamamonnya (lands within the Neman River). The local population calls this place a “plate”, because the shape naturally resembles a plate, photos unfortunately do not convey everything that can be seen with the eyes, but the spectacle is spectacular.
There is a legend, by the way, that once there was a church on the hillfort, but then, it once fell through the ground.
Unfortunately, the people have a misunderstanding of the story, at the top of the site they conduct or mark the “Kupalle”, an archaeological tablet with a description of the object, they simply burned it, despite the fact that it was made of metal. Over time, from the 12 meter height of the settlement there may be nothing left.

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