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Grodno Regional Clinical Center «Psychiatry-narcology»

 Grodno Regional Clinical Center «Psychiatry-narcology»
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г. Гродно ул. Обухова 15
  • Medical services:
    • Psychotherapy and psychology
      • Психотерапия (детская)
      • Psychotherapy (kids)
      • Sexopathology services
      • Psychological help
      • Family psychotherapy session
      • Psychotherapy (adult)
      • Психотерапия (детская)
      • Psychotherapy (kids)
    • Narcology
      • Addiction treatment
      • Tobacco treatment
      • Alcohol addiction treatment
    • Psychiatry
      • Psychiatric care
    • Diagnostics
      • Polysomnography
      • Radiographic study
      • Laboratory research
    • Rehabilitation
      • Massage

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