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Экологический маршрут «Поговорим с природой»

Экологический маршрут  «Поговорим   с   природой»
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Ecological route "Talk with nature" (suitable for cycling and automotive movement).

Length - 25 km.

G.P.Mir - 6 km - D. Miranka - 2km-- D.Zarechye --2 km-- D. Malosheltsi --3 km-- D.Zagory - 5 km-- D. Troytsy - 2.5km --d. Sweet - 5 km-- G.P.Mir.

A wonderful natural objects are located on the territory of the Koreich region, which will surely meet the requests of outdoor lovers.

Lake Svityaz, River Neman and its numerous tributaries, 15 monuments of the nature of republican and local importance, 3 hydrological reserves, with 2 of them - state importance.

The town of the village is the tourist heart of the area, saturated with a huge number of tourist infrastructure facilities: 2 restaurants, 4 cafes, 3 hotels, 3 museums, 3 facilities of industrial tourism, 7 agroeco oxadesses, 2 religious temples that are objects of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

On the territory of the castle complex "MIR" there is a monument of the nature of the Republican importance Park complex "MIR", which is one of the oldest regular parks in Belarus, founded in the 17th century.

Miranca village. At the distance of the semi-kilometer from the settlement is the hydrological reserve "Miranka". Milnous swamps located in the floodplain of the Neman River, retain 7 red-born plant species

and animals.

A hunter's house is located on the territory of the village of Miranca, which can accommodate up to 10 tourists at the same time, equipped with a car park.

The village  Zarechye is located on the banks of the river, the tributary of Nonman is an ideal place for fishing.

The village  Maloselts (Chizhinoves). In the immediate vicinity of the settlement there is a natural object of state value Big Chizhinovsky stone. Approximate weight of about 17 tons. The stone stores the legend of his mysterious strength.

Village Zagorie. The settlement is associated with the name of the Great Belarusian writer Yankee Brylya (is the birthplace of the father). Here, the future master of the word conducted childhood.

Not far from the settlement you can see with a landscaped natural monument of the glacial period - Zagorievskaya ridge.

Village TROSCHICHI. The settlement is located on the bank of the Usha River, the influx of Nemman, the source of which is located near Nesvizh, is a favorite place of fishing lovers.

village  PESOCHNAYA . Surrounded by mixed forests. In semi-kilometers from the village stamped the base of the former children's health camp. An ideal place for a tent camp.

In the location of the village were repeatedly observed moose, roe. Surchase forests are especially rich in berries and mushrooms.

The end point is the city village MIR.


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