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Paveldo centras

Paveldo centras
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Grodno, Raymont Street, 12

"Heritage Center" is the Branch No. 2 of the Grodno City Cultural Center. The Heritage Center is located in the historical center of Grodno (Raymont Street, 12), in a construction built in 1939. Within the cross-border cooperation project "Lithuania-Latvia-Belarus" a complex of buildings and constructions was built here. It includes exhibition halls and various types of art workshops.
The visiting program includes an excursion to the "Heritage Center" with a presentation of workshops for painting, weaving, felting, straw matting, visiting exhibition halls, as well as participating in a master class of one of the traditional crafts. The exhibition-fair of products of masters of traditional art was organized in Grodno.
Supposed time of stay is 1 hour 30 minutes.
The cost of the visit is 10 rubles for one ticket.
Contact phone: head of the branch Polchenkova Svetlana Pavlovna,
tel. + 375 15 2 68 38 20, + 375 29 78 30 530.


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