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Shop "Rodny Kut"

Shop "Rodny Kut"
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ag. Pravyye Mosty, 21 Lenin St.


The chain of stores united by the RODNY KUT brand represents a modern retail format. The concept of a single brand involves the organization of trade and technological processes at a modern level, trade automation, operational assortment management. Here the goods of enterprises included in the Belcoopsoyuz are sold:

bread and bakery products
fish and meat products
canned meat and fruit
fresh produce
quick frozen berries and vegetables
fruits and vegetables produced by traditional methods of pickling, salting and soaking
potato products (chips) and snacks
soft drinks and mineral waters, and others.

Consumer cooperation is focused on the sale of domestic goods and acts as a major buyer of products of Belarusian enterprises.

Choosing RODNY KUT stores for purchases, you make your choice in favor of quality products and friendly service.

We value every buyer, therefore we constantly hold promotions with goods at attractive prices, tastings, seasonal sales and single days of discounts.


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