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"Dyatlovo State Museum of History and Local Lore"

"Dyatlovo State Museum of History and Local Lore"
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Dyatlovo, Pervomaiskaya St., 12

Dyatlovsky Museum was created in 1966.

The Dyatlovo Museum is a magical place where you can stop time and touch the thread of centuries extending from the Stone Age, when the first settlements of people appeared on the territory of our region to this day. The museum presents materials on the national liberation movement of the 1920-30s, school supplies of the 30s, various ethnographic objects of the first half of the 20th century.

You will see: mammoth tusk, a boat of the 15-16 centuries and much more. The theme of the Great Patriotic War in the Dyatlovshchina is widely disclosed.

In a separate room, the works of the famous Belarusian ceramist Nikolai Nesterevsky are presented.
The museum offers:

- individual visit to the museum;

- excursion service (thematic and sightseeing tours);

- city tours with a visit to the museum;

- Presentation of the interior of the museum for photographing;

- quest game "Treasures of the Raddivills";

- rite "Wedding in Dyatlovo".


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