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Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich "Kushlyany"

Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich "Kushlyany"
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d. Kushlyany, Smorgon district

In the village of Kushlyany, Grodno region, there is a manor with the same name, where the founder of modern Belarusian literature, Frantishek Bogushevich,was born and lived. A well-known public figure of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries was the founder of critical realism in the literature of Belarus.his work is closely connected with folk motifs and the best examples of Slavic poetry. The poet is rightly considered the founder of the Belarusian national idea, because he was the first to decide to write in his native language, when it was still prohibited by the laws of Tsarist Russia, and his poems are still relevant today.

The museum is open from 10 am to 17 pm, except Monday and Tuesday


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