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Gezgalovskaya HPP

Gezgalovskaya HPP
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Dyatlovsky district, Gezgaly

Outside the village of Ustye, the Promsha River flows into Molchad. From here it is not far to the beautiful artificial lake - Gezgal reservoir. It was formed on the river by a dam in 1959 and is used for energy purposes. The area of ​​its water surface is 54.3 hectares, and the average depth is about 2 meters. In addition to Molchadka, the reservoir is replenished by the Dyatlovka River, streams and reclamation canals.

Gezgal hydroelectric power station, which was commissioned in May 1960, has been successfully operating to this day. Its heart is two 310 kilowatt water turbines and two 925 kilowatt-ampere hydro generators. The energy generated here goes to the general networks of Belarus.


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11 — 24°C
220V / 50 Hz
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