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Healthcare establishment «Lida Central Regional Hospital»

Healthcare establishment «Lida Central Regional Hospital»
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1, Mitskevicha str., Lida, 231300

Lida central regional hospital is a leading medical healthcare institution of the region providing help to adult and children population.

Medical network of the Healthcare Institution Lida Central Regional Hospital consists of in-patient departments of total capacity more than 1000 beds and outpatient service with total capacity of more than 1800 visits per shift.

In the region work: Central Regional Polyclinic, City Polyclinic No.1, City Polyclinic No.2, Stomatological Polyclinic, Children’s Polyclinic, Polyclinic of Berezovka City Hospital, 6 independent medical ambulatories, 5 medical ambulatories at district hospitals.

There are three dispensaries (antituberculous, psychiatrical narcological, dermatovenerologic), the center for women, blood transfusion station, emergency station, 17 medical and obstetric centers work.

About 570 doctors and 1300 paramedical workers work in the healthcare system.

Directions of medical care: therapy, endocrinology, hematology, nephrology, gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, rheumatology, surgery, purulent surgery, urology, oncology, hemodialysis, otorhinolaryngology for adults and children, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, phthisiology, dermatovenereology, physiotherapy, psychiatry and narcology.

Our services include:

Paid medical services for foreign citizen (full list).

  • Medical services:
    • 心理疗法与心理学
      • 心理援助
    • 毒瘾戒除类
      • 成癮治療
      • Alcohol addiction treatment
    • 口腔类
      • 牙科服务
      • 治療
      • 專業口腔衛生
      • 準備假肢
    • 诊断类
      • CT计算机断层扫描检查
      • X光检查
      • 医生咨询
      • 超声诊断
      • 内窥镜检查
      • 功能诊断
      • 实验室检查
    • 妇产类
      • 药物流产
      • 妇科整形
      • 妇科手术
      • 人工流产
      • 人性化分娩护理
      • 腹腔鏡手術
    • 外科类
      • 手术
      • 普通外科整形
    • 眼科类
      • 眼科检查
      • 眼部整形
    • 康复类
      • 按摩
      • 物理疗法


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