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Кафе "У ИвАнКи"

г. Мосты, ул. Зеленая, 92


Кафе "У ИвАнКи"

г. Мосты, ул. Зеленая, 92


Agriturismo "Jan and Cecilia"

Mostovsky district, 25, Mischetniki vil.

We provide an excellent opportunity to forget about the bustle of the city and be alone with nature.


At the confluence of two rivers: Neman and Shchara

Holy Trinity Shcharsky spring - Old tar - Museum dugout in Shimki village - Shestyly parking lot - Zhamoyda parking lot - Lysaya Gora - Dubrava tract OBSOKH.


Fast food cafe "Tmin"

50 Sovetskaya st., Mosty

A diner in the center of your city!


Agriturismo "Belavichi park"

Belavichi village; Mostovsky district

Cottage with an area of ​​150 square meters. meters is located in a closed area of ​​21 hectares. It has 2 floors, 11 beds, 2 bathrooms, a lawn, parking, barbecue area. There is a sauna in the cottage (extra charge). Nearby are several picturesque lakes and a park area.


Agriturismo "Minevichi"

Mostovsky district, village Minevichi, 27

Our estate "Minevichi" was created for those who are tired of the noise and gassed air of the city and want to relax in a cozy corner of nature. On the estate it is very good to relax with family and friends.


Peasant farm "Recreation center "Uyut"

Mostovsky district, village Aleshavichi, 17

The estate is located next to the highway R - 51 "Ostrino - Schuchin - Volkovysk", in a cozy romantic place surrounded by forests, on the banks of ponds. It offers vacationers renting guest houses, baths, fishing.


Farmstead «Yavar»

Mosty, Yanka Kupala Street, 62

The farmstead is suitable for up to 10 people, as well as for organizing conferences and celebrations.


Pizzeria "Tomat"

ct. Mosry, Sovetskaya st., 19

Pizzeria Tomato is a small cafe with a cozy interior, affordable prices, a laid-back atmosphere and a favorable location on the main street of Mosty.


Restaurant "Neman".

Mosty, Pushkin St., 2

Restoron is located next to the city park. There is a private parking and the ability to serve tourist groups by reservation.


Shop "Rodny Kut"

ag. Pravyye Mosty, 21 Lenin St.

Shop network "Rodny Kut". Food and non-food items are presented.


Cafe "Sabrina"

Mosty, Lenin, 8

Cafe Sabrina is a fairly popular place for spending leisure time in the city of Bridges. Its main amenities are its convenient geographical location in the center of the city of Mosty.


Store "Univermag" Mostovsky branch of the Grodno consumer society

Mosty st/, Lenin Square, 1

The store is located in the center of Mosty. It has its own parks with 5 seats. A wide selection of non-food items is presented.


Private tourist unitary enterprise "Camping" Fishermen"

Mostovsky district, Novinka village

Camping "Duby" is located next to the highway P - 41 "Slonim - Mosty - Skidel - Porechye". On the campsite territory there are: a utility block building (toilets, showers, a self-service kitchen), a bathhouse building (banquet hall, steam room, washing), a pavilion-dining room, a one-room 4-bed house, a one-room 3-bed house, 4 and 6 local camping tents. The main idea is a quiet relaxing family vacation with children without age restrictions.


Agriturismo "Novoselki neman"

Mostovsky district, Novoselki village, ul. May 1, 5a

Rental of guest and seasonal houses, baths; catering and excursions; holding seminars and conferences.


State institution "Recreational complex" Prinemansky"

Mosty, Zelenaya St., 86

Recreational swimming for adults and children from 12 years old (large pool);

Recreational swimming for children from 6 years old (small pool);

Wellness Sauna


Hiking route Shchara

Mostovsky district, village of Goluby, st. School, 1 a

Route: Stone monuments - The old tar - Miraculous krinitsa - Memorial to victims of fascism and heroes - Partisan bath - Shimki - а unique group of trees The Kamennaya Shchara.


Water route on the river. Shchara

Route: from the village of Trofimovichi (Dyatlovsky district) to the agricultural town Mosty Pravyye (Mostovsky district).


Hostel "Mosty"

city of Mosty, Lenin sq, 1.

Hotel "Mosty" belong to the first category. You can book your seats through the services of "".


Мостовская ЦРБ

231600, Гродненская обл., г. Мосты, ул.Советская, 55

10 PLN
17 — 24°C
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)